TOC insanity

Okay. I’m trying to compile for .mobi to upload to KDP, as I don’t trust being able to upload a .docx without having to redo half my formatting in Word.

It INSISTS that the only reasonable place for my table of contents is right at the start. Before the title page. This is not what I want at all…I want it after the copyright page. Yes, I’ve created an otherwise blank page and put in the <$toc> tab. But it still puts it right there in front of the front matter.


If you compile the sample project attached, the Contents page is placed after the copyright page, as you want.

However, when you open the compiled file in Kindle, although the Contents page we created is there in the place where we want it to be, Kindle’s own (overriding) ToC shows up at the top of the screen and it even removes our Contents page from its ToC. Our Contents page is still there in position (you can get to it by navigating appropriately through the pages), but Kindle has done its best to hide it from the reader.

Is this the same as you are seeing with your project? If yes, that’s down to Kindle. If no, perhaps the settings in the sample project will help in some way.

Slàinte mhòr. (183 KB)


So, grrr. Kindle has decided that every book in their store has to be ugly to avoid people cheating KU? Because as a reader I would find that very annoying and disconcerting.