TOC Weirdness? Or what am I missing?

I’m trying to get a novella ready to put up in the store, and I’m playing around with Compile options to get the TOC to look the way I want it to. And I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

In the Level 1+ picture below, there seems to be nothing I can do to suppress the title “A sneak peek” from making it into the TOC. I’ve tried moving it down a level (to the same level as the “Want to read more,” which never shows up in the TOC, and putting an umbrella file of “Untitled” over them).

In the Level 2+ picture, NONE of the titles of the files at the Level 2+ level show up…except for the one I have an arrow pointing to. I can’t make that title go away, despite the fact that it’s clearly the same type of files that behave the way I want.

Is there something I can do to make this behave the way I want?

I know I can simply edit the .mobi in Sigil after I’m done, but I am sure there is a way to do this in Scrivener.

Ebook formats use Page/Section breaks to identify new TOC sections. Scrivener defines these in the File -> Compile -> Separators pane.


Well, I tried moving the file to another location in the document, inside Manuscript.

Not one of the Level 2+ files shows up in the TOC…except this one, which still does.

I’ve removed the file from the Compile for now. I’d really like to understand WHY this one file is behaving differently, even when it’s in the same part of the document as other files at the same level.

As I said, ebooks use page/section breaks to define TOC entries.

The problem file is a text document nested under another text document. The other items are text documents nested under folders. It is possible to define different separators for these two cases. Please check the Compile -> Separators pane.


Okay, I see that…but then why does “Want to read more?” under another text document “A sneak peek” (at the bottom of the screenshot) NOT show up in the TOC? Same exact arrangement of documents, but only one Level 2+ doc keeps showing up.

It’s not the same arrangement. “A sneak peak” and “Want to read more?” are at the same outline level, and neither of them contains subdocuments.

The Compile → Separators pane is discussed in more detail in Section 24.9 of the Scrivener manual.