Toggle Between Files

I work on two files at once. All of my raw notes in one file; the actual book in the other. Therefore, I need to bounce back and forth between the two. However, I am not able to use the standard command of “Command” and “`” as I do with other applications. Why is this and is there perhaps another way to toggle between files?

Do you mean that you want to toggle between individual open projects (i.e. .scriv files)? If so, cmd-` does work for me for this (Lion 10.7.3).

Is it possible you’ve somehow overridden the shortcut (globally or just for Scrivener) in System Preferences?

Cmd-` should be working to flip between project windows. Just to verify though, because “file” can refer to individual items in the binder, if you are trying to easily flip between two items in your project, try Cmd-[ and Cmd-]. These access the history forward and back, which works much like a web browser. The arrow buttons above the editor are also for this, and like a browser they can be right-clicked for a full history list.

Of course there is also splitting the editor. On the right side of that same bar the history buttons are in, look for an icon of a rectangle with a line through it. Click that to split the editor. You can Opt-click it to split up/down or left/right instead. Now you can load your research on one side and your manuscript on the other.

You might actually have meant that you already have a setup like this: two files in splits and you want to jump between them: try Ctrl-Tab. As noted, Cmd-` does work, but it works in the typical Mac fashion by rotating between major document windows in the application. So if you have two projects open you could flip between then. In addition to Ctrl-Tab (which also cycles between the Binder, so you might not like that) you can use Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-R and E to directly target a specific edit. “E” is the default, and “R” is used for the secondary editor where there is a split.

Finally, if you’ve got two different projects one with your research and one with your manuscript, you might wish to consider combining everything into one project. Unless you’ve got a ton of research and wish to keep the manuscript smaller for backup reasons (and that is perfectly understandable) the program is realy designed so that your supporting material and revisions and final draft as it evolves can all reside together in a seamless environment.

Thank you for the feedback.
Just to clarify, I am referring to toggling between “projects”. (Each Scrivener project is a single “file” in technical terms - which is why I referred to it as such. Sorry if caused confusion.)
And, yes, I am using two projects to do my writing. This is because one project holds all of my raw research. The second project that I like to keep open is one of a number of books I’m writing. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to merge the research project (all the ‘raw’ stuff) into any one book project.
With respect to the possibility that I have configured the system to operate in this fashion . . . not deliberately, certainly. And I am able to toggle using “Command” and “`” in other applications.
This seems like a small problem - but it’s actually quite irritating.
Thanks again.

Are any of the menus flashing when you use it? They shouldn’t be, as it is a system shortcut not anything in an application menu. So if you see a flash anywhere, check that menu out more thoroughly and you might find where it is assigned. If you aren’t aware of having changed anything, I would suspect a Service took it, and it could be that it would only trigger in one program and not another, depending upon the constraints of the service.

And just to add that this is a system-level feature, so if it’s not working for you then something else is definitely interfering with it on your machine rather than it being a Scrivener issue, because there is no code in Scrivener that touches this. Have you created any custom keyboard shortcuts in the system preferences? As Ioa says, that’s the first thing to check, and the next thing to check is any services you have running.
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I’m having the same issues with my Command/Accent key not working, and it’s been a right pain. So my workaround is:

F3 to scatter all open windows, and then just select the Project I want.