Toggle select/de-select all checkboxes in compiler

I know there is a shortcut to toggle select or de-select all checkboxes in the compiler because I’ve used it before. I have forgotten the shortcut. I’ve tried every imaginable combination with Ctrl, Windows button, Alt. Couldn’t find an answer anywhere, even on the web. I will write it down once I am reminded what it is. Many thanks.

User Manual 23.4.1 - Contents Tab says:

Bulk changes can be made within this list:
— Hold down the Alt key when clicking on an “include” checkbox to toggle
all boxes in the same manner (on or off). When done within a selection,
only the items within the selection will be toggled.


Thank you! I don’t know how I missed that when I was trying all the keyboard keys. Also, it’s in the manual. Duh. :roll_eyes:

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