Too many words counted

Hi there,

I cannot find the mistake but it bothers me. The wordcount for one chapter shows 1.000 something words more than the sum of the scene accounts for. So what does it add to this?
I am baffled and looking for it for a quite a while now :smiley:

Where ?
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In the footer. I click on the chapter title and in the footer it tells me how many words are in this chapter.

If you click on that word count, you can have it disregard footnotes, comments and annotations.

Else, what are you actually comparing that count with ?

Also keep in mind that the count at the bottom is for editor content, and it makes no distinction whether a document is set to be included in compile or not. (Where other counts gotten from elsewhere could/might/will.)

There are not footnotes or comments that I could see. I am adding up the word count of the scenes in this chapter and compare with the count in the footer. 1400 more and I just cannot found them :smiley:

Oui mais, tu le compares avec un compte qui vient de où ?
Si tu as un document de 1400 mots qui est marqué comme exclus du compile, le compte au bas de l’éditeur va tout de même lui compter ses mots dans le total. Les autres comptes venant d’ailleurs, pas nécéssairement.

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Yes but, the count you compare that count with, which is it ?
If you have a document of 1400 words that is excluded from compile, its words will be counted in the total at the bottom of the editor. Other counts coming from elsewhere : not necessarily.

C’est ce qui m’intrigue: Il n’y a pas de document avec ce nombre de mots.

My French is too rusty, sorry :slight_smile:
But right now I found the problem. I was playing around wiht the Aeon timeline and somehow made a mistake. The chapter title got swapped with a scene from a different chapter (don’t ask I really don*t know what happened.

I did not see it until now. So found it - thanks for your help et bonne nuit!

You are welcome.

My bad. I thought you were French. The name… the time-zone…

Interesting :smiley: Where do you see the timezone?
But no I am German with an Italian name for males and am married to an Australian and Michou was my cat many many years ago who looked to me very French indeed :smiley:


Ah not too bad :slight_smile: Never noticed.