Too much bugs, not enough update

Sorry, but my Scrivener 2.7 more and more looks like to an old car which is damaged from everywhere! (This reminds me also the recurrent problems that I could meet in the past when I use Microsoft Word.)
And this happens on both my Mac and on my Ibook. Many minor bugs are already reported here by other users.There are a lot of instability in ScratchPad, in Spelling and Grammar, in Searching, in Colors, in Layout, in References… Sometimes a feature works, sometimes no. The problems seem to increase when projects become larger. I don’t believe that the issues comes only from Apple ! Recently Scrivener systematically crash when I use the metadata (Labels, Status, Custom) or when in Outliner I try to sort of a column. It becomes difficult to work under these conditions.

I’m not seeing any of these issues in particular on my Macs :confused: Wondering if there’s some common feature of your Macs (other software? old version of OS X?). There’s not a lot to go on in your post. I have found that El Capitan itself as introduced some curious issues that affect even Apple’s own software, which complicated things.

I am working on El Capitan 10.11.3. I give you a few examples of problems :

– ScratchPad : The background color of top pane’s Scratch Pad is black. Reading the note’s list is impossible.
– Spelling and Grammar : The highlight misspelled words as I write appears and disappears randomly.
– Searching in meta-data : Searched occurrences are sometimes pointed and sometimes not.
– Colors : The colors choose in prefpanes are systematically reinititialised.
– Always crash : When I want to change a label in meta-data. When I want to sort of a column in Outliner.
– Etc, etc.

I have no problems of this kind on my other applications. Nevertheless, I’ll try different cleanings with Onyx, DiskUtility and DiskWarrior. But as this occurs on my two machines, I really feel that the problem is with Scrivener.

I’m sorry that you are experiencing problems and that you feel this way. I work incredibly hard to ensure that Scrivener is as stable and bug-free as possible, and it has a reputation for being very stable. It’s true that there haven’t been a lot of updates over the past couple of years, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working hard behind the scenes - I have in fact been working long hours on Scrivener, but I’ve had to juggle time between 2.x, the iOS version and the next major Mac update, which has been several years in the making now.

  • Scratchpad: There’s a minor bug here whereby the text appears grey instead of black - this is an Apple bug that affects tables appearing in translucent windows. I have found a workaround for this. But the background should not be black, but white - you can change this via the Preferences, though.

  • Spelling and Grammar: This is an ongoing bug with the OS X text system that Scrivener users. There seems to be some factor in Scrivener that is exacerbating the issue, but the bug is in Apple’s code. I have some code that I’m hoping fixes this, but it’s still experimental at the moment. As far as I know, this bug only affects page layout mode.

  • Searching meta-data: I am not aware of this bug. This may be because Ioa, who gathers bug reports for me, has been holding minor bugs back (on my request) while I finish the iOS version; I will be turning to such minor bugs once that is complete.

  • Colors: I’m not sure what you mean here. It sounds as though you may have corrupt preferences, though.

  • Always crash: I’m not aware of the stability issues. Have you been through our support channels? You can contact us directly at AT That is always the best way of getting support - we frequent the forums but cannot guarantee to catch everything here, whereas we always read and reply to direct emails.

All the best,

Thank you a lot for your answer Keith. I measure the extent of your work and its high quality !
One last note about my crashes. It is perhaps useful. This concerns especially the heavy projects. More than 3000 documents. Including text, images, audio and video.
Best wishes.

That’s a lot of documents, but Scrivener only opens documents as it needs them, so they shouldn’t make much difference other than to loading and closing times, when search indexes are read and updated. If you haven’t already, can you please email us so that one of us can help and try to figure out what’s going on?

Thanks and all the best,