Too much space after paragraph return.


Please see the attached image. I am writing in a double-spaced, but when I hit the Return for a new paragraph, I am getting more than double-space (2.5?).

I have selected all and put it at 1.0 to see where extra spaces might be, but when I convert it back to 2.0 space, I still get more space in between the new paragraph.

FYI, I did import the initial text from a screenplay, so I do realize previous formatting may be affecting my document.

All ideas appreciated!

I would use the line space tool on the Format Bar to check the “Other” settings, and make sure there is no padding added before or after a paragraph. That’s what you would use to separate paragraphs if not using indenting on the first line.

I would check Format -> Paragraph -> Line and Paragraph Spacing and see what value you have for Paragraph Spacing - After

This fixed the problem for me! Thanks!