Tool bar icons

Hey guys, thanks for the new Windows application of Scrivener, but how about some text editing icons on the tool bar? I have to scroll down to change line spacing or indentation and things like that. I see no way in Options to add those. thanks,


Are you saying that you don’t know how to go about customizing the toolbars, or that you do know, but are non-existent buttons you wish would be ?

How would this be a button ? Increase / Decrease ? No such toolbar buttons/icons indeed.

But I fail to see how this below can be considered time consuming or complicated :

Looks like you’ve disabled the Format Toolbar.
Look in the View menu to enable it again.

Set indents with the Ruler. Show the Ruler with the View> Text Editor > Ruler menu option.

At the bottom of the View menu, you can change all the icons on the Main Toolbar and the Format Toolbar.

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