Tool tips in binder

Is there any way to turn off the tool tips that pop up when the mouse is over the binder? Somehow they must have gotten turned on, or something changed, because I don’t recall them being so obtrusive before. I’m trying to multiselect binder items and the pop ups obscure the names of multiple files.

Is it just my imagination?

I don’t think there is a way to turn them off.
What I usually do is that I keep my mouse close to the binder’s right edge.

And yes, it can get pretty annoying at times ; to be able to turn them off would be a good thing.

If you set display to none for the ToolTips in the QSS they’ll be gone inside the entire UI, not only the Binder. I can investigate if I can find a selector for only the Binder…

EDIT: Actually, that does not seem to work… The ToolTip keeps appearing. Visibility: hidden won’t work either. Setting the Background-color to Transparent doesn’t do the trick… Opacity is supposed to work… but doesn’t. So Nope. No luck.

Thank you Vincent and Antoni.

It must have just been the way I was using them at that moment where they were getting in the way. I like having them otherwise.

I have at least one other program that has an option to only show tooltips in a binder-like list when the full name is cut off by panel width.