Toolbar annoyance on Print Preview

Hi - If we leave our UI font size at the default 9 (Appearance > Appearance > Menus & Windows Font) Scriv’s Print Preview toolbar is shown complete, like this:

But if we raise the font size even to 10 – and I prefer 12 – the toolbar is shown truncated, like this:

To be sure, we can click on a control to wrap the toolbar. And we can resize the Print Preview window. But Scriv does not remember our window prefs, so next time we fire up Print Preview it’ll revert to its truncated toolbar, which seems too tightly bound, for the sake of the small part of it that displays at a variable font size, to the default font size.

Note that when raise the UI font size, the Appearance window itself resizes accordingly, even if we set the font to Segoe UI 20. So I hope you’ll devote similar attention to some of the other pop-up windows as they display in a larger UI font.

This annoyance goes back to Version 1, and now’s the perfect time to fix it.

Thanks for considering!

Rgds - Jerome