Toolbar doesn't resize with small icons

I just bought Scrivener after beta testing since the first release and absolutely love it. But there is one bug that’s been bothering me from day one. When I right click on the toolbar and tell it to “Use Small Size” icons, the icons get smaller but, unlike other OS X apps, the toolbar itself stays the same size. Is this fixable? Thank you.

-Aaron Powell

Thanks, I hadn’t noticed this. The problem is caused by the toolbar items that have menus attached (e.g. Edit Scrivenings, Highlight, Add etc). I had to customise these toolbar items to use menus, and it seems that this causes the problem you describe. If you remove these items from the toolbar, you will see that it gets smaller as expected.

I have added this bug to my list of things to fix for 1.01.

Thanks and all the best,

I see this happening in other applications that use this same technique of embedding drop-downs into the tool bar. Yummy FTP is the one I looked at.