Toolbar labels?

Hi guys
I have just bought Scrivener and am still getting used to it - just a quick and very basic question: when I look at the intro. video (and others), the toolbars shown have labels under each icon ‘Binder’, ‘Collections’ ‘View Mode’ etc but there’s no sign of such labels on the version I have - any reason for this? Also, I notice in my version there are actually some icons missing from the toolbar e.g. Quick Ref, Comment and Wrap - any thoughts?
Any advice much appreciated!

Not sure which version of Scrivener you are using, but on a Mac you can use View -> Customise Toolbar, or right-click (or control-click) on the toolbar in order to see the toolbar options. This includes choosing whether to show text and icons, or just icons (or just text, or no toolbar at all) and to select which tools are displayed.

Most of the videos you’re going to see were made on the Mac version - it has features that are not available yet in the Windows version (such as QuickRef, etc.). Those features are coming to the Windows version eventually.

In Windows you can customize the toolbar by going to Tools | Customize Toolbars. Offhand, I don’t see a way to turn on labels for the various buttons, but if you hover the mouse over them, a tool tip will pop up.

Thanks to both of you - makes sense!