toolbar settings

I recently moved scrivener onto a new computer, doing everything here. Everything seemed to have worked ok except for my customised toolbar layout. Is there a way to port this across?

I’m afraid not; this is saved in the registry, so it’s not just a simple file to copy across.

But you can backup and import specific portions of the registry. You could go into the registry on your original computer via Regedit and do a search for all keys that contain “Scrivener” and export them as a registry file. Then, on the new computer, you can go into the registry and import that file that you made and it should then have the same settings as the original computer. The tricky part comes in if there are keys in the registry for the program that don’t use the term “Scrivener.” You might have to do some word variations and some intelligent searches to find everything. Even then, however, you might not get everything and your second install could become corrupted and unusable. That’s why people say “Don’t mess with the registry!” so often. Just make sure that you make backups of both registries before fooling with them, so you can roll them back if you mess something up.

Probably easier just to re-set up your toolbar on the new computer.

I did have a look in the registry, and there is a key in what looks like the section of Scrivener interface settings called toolbar. So this could be exported and imported into the new set-up. But I didn’t take the risk. I just set it up again.