Tooltips for linked comments


The tooltips for linked footnotes show up a footnote`s text entirely, whereas the tooltips for linked comments show just the first line of the comment, that is not very convenient. Is that a bug or designed behavior of Scrivener?


They should be showing the same. Could you share an example? I wonder if it’s some specific formatting in the comment that’s breaking the tooltip.

I deleted the comments with text, inducing the problem, and cannot reproduce the problem now - it seems ok at the moment. It definitely has been connected to formatting, but I cannot recollect the formatting right now. If the problem re-appears I will take a screenshot and re-open the ticket, so let`s call it quits for now.


Re-open the ticket. Screenshot is here

The link isn’t working; could you attach the image here? There’s an “Upload attachment” tab below the “Save”, “Preview”, and “Submit” buttons when you’re writing your post. If possible, it’d be good to see both the full comment text and the tooltip to show where it’s breaking. Or if you can just describe the formatting so I can recreate it on my own machine, that would work.

Changed the link - hope it will work.

It seems I got the reason of the problem - it is not a formatting, it is a combination I got testing comments (you can see it in the screenshot above). If the first line of the comment has no spaces and it is longer, than the width of the comment box, and continues to the following line in the box, Scrivener shorten comment`s tooltip to its first line and cuts all following lines.That is it, I suppose, so the problem solved, I think. Thanks for trying to help.

Ah, thanks. I’ll add it to the bug list to see what what we can do about it.

Thank you, glad if it helps.