Top and Bottom line cut in half when printing


I’m using my scrivener for screenwriting. I updated to Version 3 and now when I print a page the top and bottom line are cut in half.

I have changed the margins with the same outcome. I’ve printed it to see if it’s just the preview pane but it prints with the same outcome.

Am I missing something that just needs to be ticked? I’m not familiar with most of the functions so any help would be appreciated.


What kind of Compile? PDF? docx? rtf? odt?

Oh, wait, you mean an export directly to the printer? I’d never do that, first of all. Try compiling to a file and see what it looks like there.

Thanks for your reply drmajorbob.

:slightly_smiling_face: Good thing I used a document I don’t care about because I don’t understand the compile feature. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I have no idea why compile only printed one page over and over instead of the whole document I asked for so I played with it and honestly have no idea what I did but it finally printed out my document and still the first and last lines are half there. :disappointed:

Exported to a pdf and it looks fine. I don’t want to do lots of pdf files though. I just want to print the script to the printer to read it on paper.

But it works doing it that way, so probably should consider doing it that way.

Use the same name+location every time and you’ll create only ONE pdf.

You can print the pdf, or you can read it without printing.

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Thanks for the help. :grin: