Top drop-down menu is transparent

does anyone have an answer to this:

My drop-down top-menu folds down, but is completely transparent. Items on the drop-down will sometimes respond to a click with the mouse, but as I cannot see the different menu-items, I cannot see what I am clicking.
Does anyonw know what might be going on? I am using Scrivener for windows, newest version.

Thank you.

I am running into this issue as well. I just purchased Scrivener yesterday and just staring the tutorial, but the font color appears to be white or, as you said, transparent.

Hi Thequeenred,
for what it’s worth, I rebooted my PC, and reinstalled Scrivener. This did the trick.

A bit drastic, perhaps, just thought I would let you know. Perhaps it can work for you as well?
Good luck!

I’m glad that fix worked for you! Alas, it did not work for me. I will keep troubleshooting and hopefully something will fix it.