Top Of Tree Outliner

A few months ago, I downloaded the trial for Tree, the horizontal outliner which has been discussed in these parts before. I liked the horizontal part, but I just felt it was too expensive (3,480 JPY) for essentially a single-feature app.

A fairly recent update has added* tabs, just like a browser, letting you have multiple outlines open and in front of you. (You can’t, however, move items from one tab to another.) I find this to be an insanely great feature, at least for me – my outlines tend to be kind of wibbly wobbly timey wimey affairs, and this adds another layer of non-linear… ness.

I know, I know – a non-linear outline is kind of the most useless machine ever, but it works for me. And outlines stay simple, as opposed to something like VoodooPad, which turns every thought I have into a labyrinth of crazy. Bonus, either a stronger dollar or a weaker yen has made Tree a little less expensive in the U.S. I worked very hard to fit the word “arbitrage” into that last sentence, and failed.

Anyway, I like it.

[size=85]* It is possible that Tree has had tabs all along and I missed it the first time around. Hard to tell, because Top Of Tree’s release notes only have detail for the latest version. See above, re: most useless machine ever.[/size]