Topic for article and good pen-friend be needed!

Hi everyone :laughing:

I’m a student. My future profession is a journalist. And, truly speaking, I’m writing not to tell about myself, but to narrate about the happiness that faith brings. Recently I’ve taken part in the competition among young journalists and won! About a present… I was given an annual subscriptions to my favourite magazines and offered to publish one of my articles. So, now I’m sitting and thinking about the topic… of course, I’ve got plenty of papers… but for this case I’d like smth special :unamused:

Guys, pls, give me piece of advice for writing 'cause I’m lost :cry:

Tell me, how to write the best article and I’d tell you how to pick winning lottery numbers :smiley: because I’m lucky and you’ll the same too :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Waiting for feedback)))

I like to make lists of topics to write about “someday” and, when I get ready to write, go to the list and choose the topic that “wants to be written.” It’s a little woo-woo but it works for me. :slight_smile: . How about witting something about the joy that faith brings you?