Just sayin’.

So we are to guess? My guess is 15000 is number of people now registered as users of Scrivener.

Mind you, it could now be number registered on forum.

Mr X

I’ll give you a hint… You’d need to do it 5.15 times a day for just a few days shy of eight years in order to reach it.

Congrats Ioa and Amber. Great team!

:open_mouth: Filthy, disgusting habit! it can make you go blind! :blush: I blame t’internet. :imp:

Shows I shouldn’t start writing messages when I first wake up and the brain’s not in gear. Go for the simple guess, not the mathematics. :laughing:

Congrats, and sincere thanks. But do you get a badge? And will there be an awards ceremony in the Great Hall of the Heroes at L&L Central?

What should really bother us it the associated number for less useful contributors.

That’s a pretty good hint, right?

Back of the envelope estimate of the amount of time that represents? :wink:

Actually, no. Don’t do that. It might lead to some unfavourable estimates for those Jaysen so euphemistically termed “less useful”… :blush:

Did you read piggy’s post you fluff monster?

5.15/d over 8y

:open_mouth: It’s a wonder ioamber can walk, never mind, SEE!

Especially after some of the atrocities we’ve committed in our posts…

No point you and Wock beating up on yourselves. Won’t achieve anything useful. Nothing’ll change.

+3… You left someone out.

But you’ve always been a bit self deprecating …

I’ve yet to post anything useful or constructive since I’ve been here. Surely that buys me membership into the club.

You’d think.

But then thinking is on the list of dis-qualifiers.

Cut Sin (young-n’), some slack, numpty.

With all due respect, Oh Headless One, 5.15 posts per day is an estimate of frequency not duration. If each post only took, say, 10 seconds then the duration would be close to 42 hours. However I doubt there are many 10 second posts amongst the 15,000.

Kind regards,
The FluffMeister

Here’s a bone… go gnaw on it a bit…

Duration for effort is 8y. You are looking for duration OF effort. I would suggest to you that the LOE (DoE is interchangeable but slightly different) would average out to the 10 second realm IF Ioa-iffer is the machine we are all believe he is. Keep in mind a machine has OFFICIALLY passed Turning and I’ll be unsurprised when it is revealed that Ioa is the first generation of super Turning-capable-bots produced by someone as yet unknown.

I think the turning test was passed with steam locomotions. The Turing test, however, I believe is still considered by scientists to be undefeated, no matter what “tech” journalists are saying.