Toss Me a Life Preserver

I have been using Writeway Pro for about ten years. I recently purchased Scrivener because of all the positive reviews. Writeway Pro is a snap to use. Scrivener is not.
I have searched to no avail for the instructions to create a book with chapters and scenes. I am not interested in watching videos or reading books telling me all about the Scrivener features. Right now all I want to do is create a book containing chapters and scenes.
Would someone please tell me how to do that.

Scrivener is good. I have used it productively longer than you have used Writeway Pro. But …

In that case, probably best to revert to Writeway Pro.

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Start a new Project with the Novel with chapters Template.

The column on the left is called the Binder. Click the green plus sign in the Toolbar above the Binder to Add Folders and Documents inside the Manuscript folder. A Folder is a Chapter, a document a Scene.

Double-click the names of Folders and Documents to rename them the way you want.

Add text to the Scenes in the Editor in the middle. Drag scenes into a different folder if you want. Delete a scene with the top option in the context menu.

Scrivener saves your work automatically ever two seconds you’re not typing. It creates a backup every time you close the program.

Writing and outputting your work to other file formats is separated in Scrivener. Write now and learn about Compiling your work into a book later.

Just write.


Hope this Helps

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When you are ready for instructions on how to do basic things, start looking at these short and simple to follow videos:

These are a pretty good life preserver.

I found Scriverner overwhelming in features initially. But, these videos broke it down into small chunks of useful steps at my preferred pace that got me up and running.

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I just looked at some Writeway Pro screenshots. I understand why you left. I think if you managed to master that, you’ll have no problem with Scrivener.

If you already have a nearly complete manuscript, you have already done the parts of the workflow that are Scrivener’s focus: research, planning, writing, rewriting. In that case, you may indeed be happier with the tools you already have.

If you are at the beginning of the process, the time you spend on at least the Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu, will pay substantial dividends down the line.