Total Progress Bar in Windows 3.0

Scrivener 3.0 on Windows needs a total progress bar option for the outliner column. I have seen mac screenshots where the total progress bar allows the progress to be seen for documents, folders, and entire manuscripts. This seems like such a simple fix that its really unacceptable to not have that, especially for the price you pay for this program. It’s very bothersome that I have to manually click on project targets to see the manuscript target progress, yeah I’m aware that its not difficult, but its immensely bothersome to have all these empty bars on my screen and have to go out of my way to bring it up when the mac version has it.

Please add this to Windows 3.0. Literally, that’s the ONLY thing I care about. Honestly other than that one thing scrivener is PERFECTION chef finger kiss and its made every other writing app useless, so I really am grateful to have it in my life. Just that one thing triggers my OCD so badly. I find that not having access to the project progress all the time makes me feel less motivated than if I would be if could get that sweet dopamine rush seeing the manuscript progress bar go up. Please please add this in 3.0. :frowning:

L&L has stated multiple times that the goal with Scrivener for Windows 3 is feature parity with the Mac version, absent those features that depend on critical functionality provided by the Mac OS.