Touch screen mouse scrolling using any part of the margin inside or outside the scrolling the page.

I just moved my most important long-time fiction writing project from Word (which I was part of the support and test team on for years) to Windows Beta for 3.0, I know Word well and enjoy working in it and things like cloud integration and continuous saving and versioning to OneDrive etc are valuable in my technical writing.

but for my fiction work
Its the organization of the project I love the most in Scrivener

Today writing in the full-screen mode, I tried something I am used to doing in Word on Windows.

While reading my current chapter I reached for my notebook screen and tried to scroll the page with my thumb along the unused margin next to the words.outside the “page edge” Its a very organic natural way to interact with the page.

Suggestions: Allow for mouse / touch scrolling of the page in the unused areas where you would not be selecting text.

I realize that Scrivner starts on Mac and is ported and Mac as of yet is not a touch screen enabled OS though I assume touchpads are similar.
I have started playing with the corkboard and label lines feature. Would love to be able to use fingers to zoom this view in and out dynamically vs opening controls and changing numbers.

This goes with my other small touch feature idea.

Loving Windows Beta 3 so far. Thanks for all the hard work.
If my project stays in Scrivner for the next month, I will buy it before the beta is done.

Welcome @wordjoy. I just thought I’d point out that the Windows version is not a port from the Mac version, but is completely rewritten in Qt. Also, the guys are having to develop many of the necessary frameworks, which the Mac development environment provides out of the box. So they have their work cut out.



No offense meant in calling it a “port.”
It might be semantics…
Not sure how a piece of software designed so close in function to MAC version 3, that I am learning it from that application’s videos and manual is not a port. Nothing about doing a good port is easy even if it were using some common cross OS platform…
This one is well done. Keep in mind I am an old dude who learned to program on terminal and a TRS 80 with cassette deck and did my first paid work on an Apple II. All ports were pretty much full rewrites if you wanted it on MS-DOS or C64 :slight_smile:

Once it has reached parity with the MAC version, I am just saying there are aspects of Windows that it would be nice for it to take on,

Windows is a very touch-friendly OS, where for now Apple has created a separate OS for that type of interaction.

So when I find I can’t reach out and zoom and scroll with my fingers, It feels different from my tools from other tools like Final Draft 11 which I also own. BTW Scrivner in beta did a a better job dealing with my 4K display and font scaling than Final Draft 11 did on its first RTM release. They fixed it. But I can zoom my beat board and scroll with my fingers even though that is also a creative app with a strong Mac userbase.

Just the reality of serving several OS bases.

Which is why it is on the wish list vs a bug. It’s a style suggestion, that will help it compete with other Windows applications in its space. :smiley: :smiley: