Touch Screen Scrolling?


I write on a touch screen laptop. One of the things I liked about the previous Scrivener version is that I could scroll through my text by touching the screen text, even in full screen mode (although it didn’t work in scrivenings mode), but in the new Scrivener, when I touch the screen text to scroll, it automatically goes into highlighting mode.

Is there any way to turn this off, so instead of highlighting, the page scrolls?

If not, I should probably be posting this in the features request page.



I have the same frustration, and it makes me prefer Scrivener 2 to Scrivener 3.

I have found that it’s possible to scroll using the touch screen in Scrivener 3 by using two fingers rather than one, but when I do that the app constantly tries to interpret my finger gestures as an attempt to highlight text. :frowning:


The inability to finger scroll is a real problem. Thanks for the advice on using two fingers. It works but not as well as a single finger. Yes the software interprets the fingers as an attempt to highlight text. My preference is also the Scrivener 2 version. Single finger scrolling is highly recommended for future scrivener updates.

Have you guys tried having the first finger outside of the editor ? (Notes panel, for e.g.)
Like, pinky in the notes, scroll with index finger.
(Just a guess, I don’t have touchscreen here.)

I tries variations of one finger in a separate panel and other in the editor and it did not seem to work. The two fingers in the editor does scroll and just takes some getting used to. Would be good to use the single finger scrolling though.

I now have to say that the two finger scrolling approach is not effective. It worked to begin with and now it does not work. I do not know what I did to turn that functionality off. Therefore I do not know how to turn the two finger scrolling functionality back on.
Additionally, two finger scrolling through the editor means your fingers highlight text. As you move your fingers by the scrolling you copy and paste text in different areas of your editor window. This is highly problematic.
I am seeking a solution to one finger scrolling through the editor window that does not highlight text. This function was on Scrivener 2 and it is very difficult to understand why it has not been included with Scrivener 3. Very strongly recommend an update into Scrivener 3 ASAP of this one finger scrolling into the editor window that DOES NOT HIGHLIGHT TEXT. I would like to request this function in these forums somewhere but not sure of the right place of where to make this recommendation.

When you say one finger scrolling worked in Scrivener 2, do you mean on the Mac version? There was no version 2 for Windows.

I’ve never known either one or two finger scrolling to work in the Scrivener editors when scrolling in the actual text area and was surprised to see someone say two finger scrolling works. Trying to finger scroll in the editor always highlights text, no matter how many fingers you try.

The only way I’ve ever known it to work is by placing your finger right in the scroll bar “lane,” and the results are too imprecise to be of practical use.

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The Version of Scrivener I was previously using was 1 .9.16 for Windows. Sorry - thought this was Version 2. But in this version you are able to scroll with one finger easily in this Editor. The finger does not highlight text.
The two finger scrolling worked to begin with in Version 3 for Windows. Somehow I managed to switch that functionality off but as I say the fingers highlight text which creates real problems with cut and paste.
The one finger scrolling in the Editor window of 1 .9.16 for Windows is very good and functionality like this is what would be highly useful in Scrivener 3 for Windows.

You’re right. It does work in 1.9. Single, double, even triple finger scrolling, without selecting text. Just checked on my Surface Pro.

Would be nice to have that in 3. It does interfere with selecting text by touch. That’s not something I do done much of on my laptop, though I do use touch to position the cursor where I want to start editing. Maybe that’s why it was removed? Or maybe touch scrolling and selection are currently in an inbetween state, and will eventually be completed?

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Certainly hope touch scrolling and selection are currently in an in between state for Scriver 3 for Windows. Hopefully completed in the near future.

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I suspect that the difference has to do with changes in the underlying versions of the Qt development framework.

I was sad when they did the v3 beta and touch scrolling was no longer available. For that reason I have still not switched away from and I hope and pray that by the time I have to update to v3 that they will have added that feature - if not I will see if there are good alternative programs available yet. I am happy to say that at the moment Scrivener still does have a legacy downloads page and yes, I got the version to work in windows 11 with a new surface pro. And I can still scroll with just a little flick of my thumb! It is heavenly! :joy: