Tracking Submissions

Jumping in with a new topic and referencing older threads. I have been reviewing older posts, looking for tips on what other use to track submissions - especially to magazines. Long ago there was a Filemaker db someone used to sell with then current market addresses. You could also add your own of course and people in those type offices do change frequently.

Posting an earlier response from Amber (last summer perhaps?) so that no one things I am suggesting that Scrivener is not primarily a writing app;

As I prepare my story I am also realizing how very disorganized my world can get. I am posting here in case others want to weigh in on options that work well with Scrivener. I am particularly interested in magazine submissions. There was a time when I would just whip up my own database. Surely someone has done this by now? Even better if it had a tie in to current market submission addresses. I see something called “Story Tracker” that was mentioned on these forum pages. Are there any others to compare?


Suggest you look at Submission Grinder, a free online submission tracking site. It was originally designed for folks tracking submission to sci-fy/fantasy markets, but continues to expand magazine markets, and you can always add/track submission to markets not yet in the Grinder database. Believe it’s part of a site called Diabological Plots, but typing either that are submission grinder into Google should get you there.

Thanks for the tip. I will look into that.

For what it’s worth, you might want to look at the post on my Writer’s Journal on the Submissions Manager program I wrote for my own use.

Story Tracker offers a lot of possibilities and features. Worth giving a look. I’ve been using it for years, never regretted buying it.