Tracking word counts within Scrivener- best practice?

I’ve been working on my first draft of my memoir. I’ve graphed the daily monthly and yearly totals to have a visual on when I’m most productive. Now I’m preparing to edit and expect this will take my totals down by as much as a third.

What’s the best way to track this progress? I don’t have a keystroke logger. thanks in advance. PestO

When editing word counts aren’t particularly useful unless you are editing with the intent of reaching a specific word count goal.

I use the Timing app It is not free, but it does a great job of telling me h ow much time I spend in every app. For Scrivener, you can separate out time spent in different projects and Timing will give you a report of how much time you spent doing active work (doesn’t count time that Scrivener was at the front and you left to drink coffee, for example) and what time of day it was.

timing is also available if you have Setapp