Transcription foot pedal for scrivener

I have a Infinity transcription foot pedal, how can I make it work with Scrivener.
Thanks for the help.

Assuming you have the audio/visual file that you are transcribing in Scrivener, the way one would best go about doing this is to put the source media in one split, and the text document used to transcribe it in the second split. Working this way, you can hit Cmd-Return to pause and resume the media playback. The software also includes an optional rewind feature, so that when you resume it will jump back three seconds from where you paused so you can get back the context.

So that’s the Scrivener side. I’m not sure how the pedal works, but if it can be configured to fire off a keyboard shortcut, that is what you would want to set it up to do: Cmd-Return.