Transcription for Upload Sound File for Windows Version

Is there any timeframe for implementing transcription feature for Windows?

No. We do not discuss future versions.

Can you at least tell me if the feature is under development? If not, are there any suggestions for software that will read a sound file and convert to text that isn’t made for the IOS?

A number of people I know recommend for automated transcription. It’s browser-based, so somewhat platform independent.

Ooh, I might try out the Google Docs version. I’m wary of using a transcription service because I feel like they’re usually based on US accents and since I’m Irish and my partner/cohost is kiwi I feel like they’re less likely to understand us. This would be a good way to test.

After looking around, I think I’m going to use SpeechNotes. It has both an Android and web version. I was hoping to avoid using my phone for one more thing, but this seems to be the best way for me to get voice onto the page.

I have to say that I am a little disappointed in the Mac-focus of Scrivener. I feel like a second-class citizen.

In the case of transcription specifically, you should blame Microsoft and Apple. Mac Scrivener gets voice recognition “for free” as part of the Apple developer toolkit.

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