Transfer a Scrivener Windows Project to a Laptop

I’m attempting to transfer a Scrivener 3 Windows Project to my laptop from my desktop. Apparently there are other support files that have to go along with it besides the .scriv project file. Any idea what all else I must include to complete the transfer? Thanks

(Scrivener needs the whole of the project folder.)
Open the project in Scrivener on the source computer.

Use File / Backup / Backup to
Check the box option to zip the backup.

Transfer that backup to the other computer via a thumbdrive or email.
Unzip it and voilà.

. . . . . . .

In any case : If you plan on going back and forth between the two computers, that is not a good way to go about it.
Use sync.

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Once again you saved my bacon, Vincent_Vincent. The email transfer technique worked great. Thanks loads!
How does Sync work?

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You are welcome.

Just in case I didn’t formulate it clearly enough:
If you plan on taking the project back and forth between the two computers, that is not the way it should be done. This works for a one time transfer, but otherwise you may (eventually most assuredly will) have issues.
To work a project on more than one machine, you need to use sync. (Or a good thumbdrive – the project sitting on it (that’s how I handle it) – and systematic backups because thumbdrives are not that reliable.)

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You need to create a sync folder (File / Sync / With external folder)that is then hosted on your cloud account (Dropbox preferably) and that syncs between your computers.

I won’t go further into the topic, as I don’t use sync. (In short, I don’t know enough to answer that confidently.)
[I don’t know]

Lots of people to help with that here, though.
First step would be to read the manual on the topic.

The main reason for sync is that this way there is only one version of the project.
Should you simply bounce the project from one computer to the other over and over like you just did, you create a new version each time.
It would only be a matter of time for work to be lost.
You’ll work on the wrong version, or overwrite the most recent one, etc etc. (All bad things…)

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In addition to @Vincent_Vincent’ sage comments and advice, yes see the “Scrivener User Manual” for how to setup syncing, and also see resources on Literature & Latte’s web site

Not if you’re using Scrivener on both devices you don’t. Sync with external folder is only intended to be used when sharing a Scrivener project with some other application.

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I thought I knew at least that bit.