transfer files between two computers

hi all
Great program it’s what i have been looking for. you did a great job on it.

I use my lap top about half of the time but I like to use my computer at home more (At this time i have to go to were they have free why-fi ) I would like and easy way to transfer file to a flash drive so i can use they on both computers.

i hope to have the money by the time by trail is up but as soon as i have the money I’m buying this program.

Thanks Robert

You can just drag the folder containing the project to your flash drive, and from there on to your hard disk on your other computer. Alternately, you can crate and manage your project on your flash drive, so you don’t have to have copies on your hard disk.

I’m using Dropbox to sync my documents across my netbook and my desktop. One thing that would be useful would be to share the same dictionaries and settings (though I’d want different display settings…). Lots of interesting use cases around that but dropbox or iCloud or Googledrive integration would be really useful.


Have moved from older Air to newer Air. I attached files to an email because Dropbox wouldn’t accept the Scrivener files (older Air doesn’t have Airdrop). New Air claims files cannot be opened. They are arriving with .scrivx, and the dialogue box says it has to add .scriv. I agree, and then – nothing.

I own a Time Machine and I’m in iCloud, but things are sectored apparently, and I can’t “reach” into the needed memory to pluck what I want.

Shouldn’t this be easier? :cry: Do I need to go fetch a flash drive?

Try creating a zip archive (right-click/ctrl-click on the project, then choose Archive…" from the context menu) of your projects before emailing them or using the Mac OS X dropbox* service.

  • When people write “dropbox” here, they are almost always talking about the program and web service that you can get for free at, not the built-in Mac OS X service that allows you to give files to another user on your network.

Thanks, Robert, for this suggestion. I’m going to keep it “in my pocket” for future transfers from other computers. As it happened, I visited the Genius Bar this morning and discovered that my major problems was in creating a new identity for the new AIR. I deleted and now have access to my old computer – completely.

Thanks again for taking the time.