Transfer files from old mac to new mac

I have purchased a new MacbookAir. Also purchased a new copy of Scrivener to my new mac.

Have lots of Scrivener files on my old Mac, and cannot move them or send them to my new Mac.

I have them all backed up on Dropbox, but somehow can’t transfer them from dropbox to my new mac

Whats the best way to do it ?

Depends on what you mean by backup. Are you storing the Scrivener zip backup files only or are you using Dropbox as a Scrivener accessible folder? If the latter there might be two problems. Firstly you have different Dropbox folders on the two Macs. Second you allowed Dropbox to mark the folders/files of your Scrivener folders to “online only”.

Check that you have Dropbox configured the same way on both Macs. Then check what hellish setup Dropbox has applied to your folders/files on each machine.

I have a dropbox folder in my old mac, and within it many folders and files.

Is there a way to do it without dropbox ? Pick a file from the hard drive of my old mac and send it to the new mac, via email or anything?

Seems to the dropbox issue is complex. All I want is to have the files in my new mac soon.
Thanks !

Do you really need to use Dropbox? If the two Macs are on the same local network, just move them from one Scrivener folder holding projects to another? Or use a USB stick/drive? And Apple provides a “migration assistant” (or whatever they call it now … been a while since I bought a new Mac).

Also, Dropbox not a very reliable “backup”. Great for synching, but if a flaw develops on a one machine then that flaw replicates. Not really saving any disk space with your Scrivener backup Zips (unless you make that folder ‘online only’ and then that opens the way to other problems). Scrivener Zip are separate and distinct from you Scrivener project “file” (which is a macOS “package” holding hundreds/thousands of files).

Nice that you puchased a new Scrivener license, but wondering why that necessary. I think Literature & Latte has a way to transfer licenses. Just saying for other’s reference.

Which MacBook Air did you get: the 2020 M1 or the 2022 M2?

If the 2022 model, what RAM and SSD options did you get? Good performance?

Since you say you can’t copy or move them from you old Mac to your new one, I assume you mean the OS on the old one doesn’t connect to the new one with airdrop. Also your old machine has USB A ports and the new one has USB C.

I would recommend either getting a USB A–C adapter, which you can use with an external disk or a thumb drive or a USB-C SD card reader, then zip and copy the projects onto a (thumb or external) drive or an SD card, copy them onto your new machine then unzip them and move them into your desired location on the SSID of the new machine.

A USB A–C converter and a card reader, are easily available and are things that are very useful to have around anyway.



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Thanks all -
I already heard a USB converter and card reader, and moved my files safely !

As to the question re M1 or M2, the M2 here in Israel was about 300 USD more expensive, and I decided its not worth it. I’m mostly using the mac for writing, so performance is not an issue. Still, its a new Mac after 8 years, and it feels swift and friendly (I really DON’T like the Apple company, but unfortunately I DO like their products.)

On buying Scrivener again, I used my old key and was told it is no longer valid, so I paid again. Did I miss something ?


:+1::rofl: I guess we (macOS people) all know that feeling.

found via google “scrivener transfer license” Installing on Additional Computers / macOS / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support

My guess is that the old licence key you used was for version 2.x, which is not valid for the current version. If you bought it directly from Literature and Latte (as opposed to from the Mac App Store), you should have been able to pay an upgrade fee, rather than purchasing a completely new licence. If you want to try to sort it out, email with all the relevant information.



Thanks for the insight. I need a new Mac, and my thinking is much along the same lines as yours.