Transfer from one computer to another.

Hello everyone,

I’ve searched the archives, but I can’t see anything that exactly addresses my query.

Is there any step by step idiots guide, on how to transfer one project from one computer, to another.

I’m looking for a walk-through for someone like me, who is pretty IT illiterate.

Does anyone know of a manual or video that I could look at?

Thanks in advance of your assistance.

Do you have a USB drive of any kind (like the USB sticks that you can keep on your keychain)? If so, I’d do this:

  1. Insert the thumb drive on the computer with the project on it.
  2. Open the scrivener project, and then go to File->Back Up->back up to… choose the .zip compression option, and set the destination to your thumb drive.
  3. eject the thumb drive, insert it into your other computer.
  4. copy the backup to your new computer’s Documents folder.
  5. Right-click on the .zip compressed project, and choose to extract all files.
  6. Open that unzipped project in Scrivener and verify that it looks good.