Transfer MAC3 project from Mac OS11 to MacBook OS11 to work on both

I appreciate to some people this may be an easy step but to me, it is not. A step by step simple stage explanation would be greatly appreciated, please. There are a lot of research papers in the Mac working copy so the file may be large. Thanks, georgepilk

If you intend to work back and forth between the two systems, the easiest solution is to install the Dropbox software on both and put the project in the Dropbox folder.

To install the Dropbox software: … ad-dropbox

(Services other than Dropbox will also work. Consult their respective support resources for instructions.)

If the Dropbox software is correctly installed, you should now have a Dropbox folder in Finder. You can create subfolders if you like, just as with any other Finder location. Then, with Scrivener closed, locate your project in Finder and drag it to that folder.

Best practices for using Scrivener with synchronization services can be found here: … c-services