Transfer of file from Scrivener to Scrivener 3

Is it possible to transfer a file from Scrivener 1.9 to Scrivener 3, and if so, will the entire structure (folders/scenes/front matter) be maintained?

It would be a good idea to take a look at this tutorial, which will walk you through the process of opening (‘transfer’, if you will) an older project and having it automatically upgrade to the new format.

The procedure is nearly entirely seamless. All of your metadata, synopsis, freeform card positions, keyword taggin, snapshots, let alone binder structure, and even compile settings will be updated and carried over, or converted to the new system.

The tutorial explains some of the differences to look out for (such as if you used project notes, where they will go), and how to adapt to the new compile setup. Much of that is the same, it’s just in a few different places now. What was done in the “Formatting” compile tab is now split into two. It is now your project that says, “this is a chapter”, and the compile settings say, “this is what a chapter looks like”, rather than a very hard-coded and direct statement like “level 2 folders look like chapters”. That’s the main and largest design difference between the two. Like I say though, the upgrade process will emulate the old method and even use its naming conventions, giving you a migration path away from that way of working.