Transfer Scrivener license to a new computer

My old computer became flaky and I replaced it. Both old and new are desktop computers using Windows 10. I have downloaded Scrivener to the new computer and had all hard drive files transferred to the new computer by the vendor. I want to transfer the license, but don’t know the activation code. I cannot find any Scrivener email with activation code among my old email accounts.

Since I am able to connect up my old computer to my existing keyboard, monitor, and mouse, is there any way to copy the license from my old computer, onto a memory stick, then copy it into the new computer after reconnecting my keyboard, monitor, and mouse to the new computer?

The activation file contains system-specific information and cannot be moved.

Our license retrieval page is here: … e-recovery


I tried the Lost License application for Paddle. I gave my email address and received: “We’ve sent details of your past transactions, licenses and downloads to you via email.”
After refreshing my email for nearly an hour, the email has not arrived.

Please check your junk mail folder.

If that doesn’t help, please open a support ticket, here:

We can’t handle license issues through the forum.


I checked “Spam”, “Trash”, and “All Mail”. Not in any of those. I’ll try the support form. :confused:

Thank you for your assistance.

Just one question. The App Store tells me that the app costs 50-something euros. If I install it on my iMac through the App Store is there an option not to pay for the app again?

Hi! It worked, and I didn’t need to pay again!