Transfer Scrivener license to a new computer

I bought Scrivener on April 23rd, and have been successfully working on it on my MacBook.

I am now trying to install it to my iMac. The installation went just fine but I don’t seem to be able to my activate Scrivener account. I have tried several different number/letter series on my Apple invoice but they don’t work.

If I click “Recover Lost License” and give my email address, the answer that I get is: “You have no order history for Literature & Latte.”

What is wrong? What is the Scrivener license code? What does it look like? How has it been sent to me?

Did you originally buy from the Mac App Store, rather than direct from Literature & Latte? If so, delete what you’ve installed on your iMac, go to the Mac App Store and install it from there.

HTH :slight_smile:


Yes, I did. I have already started using the app. Will I lose everything if I delete the app?

I’ll try this…

No. Your work is stored separately from the Scrivener application and will still be right where you left it.

The Recent Projects menu may be inaccurate, but you can locate all projects on your system by searching for .scriv files in Finder.

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