Transferring 1.1GB Scrivener file from desktop (MacMini) to Apple laptop

I’m about to go on a reporting trip for a book and want to transfer my large (1.1GB) file on the book from MacMini desktop to my Apple laptop. How do I do that?

If both devices are in the same physical location, the fastest and easiest solution is going to be direct file transfer using Finder. Consult Apple’s documentation for instructions.

It would be a good idea to make sure that the desktop has a current backup, and to put that backup in a safe location so it doesn’t get overwritten until after you’ve confirmed that the reverse transfer (when you get back) was successful.

You can also use Dropbox. For a file this large, though, you’ll want to allow extra time for the initial transfer, on both the upload (desktop to server) and download (server to laptop) side.

kewms, thank you so much for this response! Alas, since then I’ve been searching in vain for Apple documentation on how to do direct file transfer using Finder. I’ll try Dropbox.

A related question: lately Scrivener has become sluggish, responding very slowly to my typing and commands. Could this be because the book file has grown so large? And if so, what can I do about this?

Finder just part of it. Remember it is simply a tool to view and manipulate files.

You could use Finder to:

: copy the entire Scrivener project to a USB connected hard disk. then connect that disk to the other machine and use that Finder to copy to the second machine

: or, use a USB memory stick same as above,’
: or via yo,ur network share the second machine with the first and use Finder to copy

Dropbox will also work just fine. As @kewms says just give it time to sync up then down.

With a Google search for “move files from one mac to another mac” I found lots of articles with this at top

If the slow typing happens in the search field, then yes. If it affects the editor, then rather no.

If only the search is concerned:

  • Restrict the search to a specific folder (search Binder selection only)
  • Place some of the documents in a folder that can be excluded from the search ( trash, templates)

In the end, it is always a matter of Scrivener not having to search in all documents of the project.

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Would rebuilding the search indexes help in this situation?

If that’s the reason, yes. But if Scrivener reacts slowly in the search field because (too) many documents have to be searched, then no.


AirDrop is almost always fastest as it doesn’t use your network. Essentially, when action occurs, a temporary Wi-Fi network is generated between one device and another, and the content is beamed at dedicated full-bandwidth without touching your network or Wi-Fi. This can easily exceed 1000mb/s with modern Macs.

Thanks for this. I called AppleCare and they, too, recommend AirDrop.

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