Transferring a file from Mac Version to Windows Version

Hello, and thank you in advance for any assistance you might offer. I have had Scrivener for my Mac-book for a couple of years, and have two works in progress on that version. Because I find my desk top computer more comfortable, I purchased the windows version as well.

I emailed myself one of my novel files but it says it is inaccessible. Is there a way to transfer my files from one version to the other? Or do I need to rewrite the entire works into the windows version manually? …

Thank you again for any help.
Best Regards, Elizabeth

What specific message or error code are you getting?

Check out the following items in the knowledgebase :

Cross-Platform Compatibility … patibility

Using Scrivener with DropBox … th-dropbox

Fixing Read-Only Projects … y-projects

Also do a search on the forums on “inaccessible”

Hope that helps.

One other thing: you mentioned having used e-mail to transfer the project. In most cases that won’t work well beceause a Scrivener project is really a folder with a bunch of files in it, and the e-mail attachment protocols are not designed for transferring complete folder structures. However if you zip compress the project before attaching it, so that it is all one single file, then you shouldn’t have any issues sending it. My preferred way of doing this is to use the File/Back Up/Back Up To… menu command as that has a built-in zip option, but you can also just locate the project in Finder and, with the project closed, right-click on it and choose to compress it. A .zip will appear a few moments later under a similar name.

Once on the second computer, double-click the .zip file, copy the “my project.scriv” folder out to a working area and open it with Scrivener. Since Windows lacks the feature of making special folders look and act like a file, you’ll see the whole folder structure. All you need to double-click on is the .scrivx file in the project’s main folder.

Thank you very much Amber,

I was most certainly making that error and although I haven’t tried it yet, I do think that is going to work perfectly. Thank you so much. Even though I have had Scrivener for nearly two years, I am still new to getting around in it and finding ways to make the features work best for me. Probably because I am very comfortable on my windows based computer and the software (till now) has been solely on my Macbook.

Again Thank you. I look forward to reading in the forums and learning more about Scrivener.
Best Regards, Elizabeth

PS thank you for those links.