Transferring completed document to Scrivener

I have a completed document that I want to transfer to Scrivener. My main reason for using Scrivener at this point is to convert it to the necessary formats for self publishing.

Somewhere I read that you have to manually divide the chapters up in Word and then transfer it one chapter at a time?

I’m not sure I’m transferring it correctly. (I’m a very non-techy person!) When it’s transferred, it looks like this:
Novel Format
Chapter One
Chapter Two

Is that correct?

So then all I should have to do is hit a button to transfer it to kindle format and whatever format createsource needs?


No you do not have to bring in each chapter individually
If you put a # mark by each chapter number or title, you can IMPORT AND SPLIT the entire document and Scrivener will bring each chapter as a separate file
Then if you want to make it a kindle format , you will have to COMPILE all the chapters as such

Strongly recommend you do a grammar check in Word before making an eBook

The import and split didn’t work at all for me (and I just bought Scrivener, so I assume I have the newest version). I spent an entire day and a few tears, but I finally got my word document over to Scrivener. I found a youtube video that showed all you have to do is hit a button to add a chapter, then copy and paste the chapter from word into Scrivener, one chapter at a time. The youtube also helped because I hadn’t been sure what it was supposed to look like–like if my chapters were in the correct place on the left-hand side.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to save the document so that I can have it somewhere else in case my computer crashes. I always just emailed my Word documents to myself. I did a backup in a zip file to my desktop, and my husband found a program that will unzip it, but when I unzip it, it’s all very confusing and I’m not sure where my actual manuscript is.

I’m crossing my fingers that compiling is easier! No one who recommended the program to me mentioned how extremely difficult it is to figure out!


Sheila which version do you have? I just bought it a few weeks ago from Amazon.


download the update

Thank you. I downloaded it , with the help of my teenage son. And figured out how to compile to .doc and email that to myself. One more book to transfer in and a new book has been started.

I’m breathing easier now! I’m kind if terrified of getting the ebook right, but one step at a time. :slight_smile:

Please do note that even if the “import and split” function doesn’t work, you can import the document into scrivener all in once piece, and then use the “Documents->Split->Split at Selection” menu command (or the keyboard shortcut shown there) to manually split. There should never be a need to copy and paste individual chapters/sections.

It works in the latest build

Like anything new, it takes practice
glad you have it worked out.

Be sure to do a grammar check in Word before going to ebook