Transferring files and folders between projects

Is there a way to transfer files and folders between projects? I want to move some stuff I created for NaNo into an existing project. Drag and drop does not work, at least for beta 1.3.

Can anybody help?

Urf. This is tricky, since you can’t import a project yet either, or save templates. I can tell you how to do it the complicated hax way, but there may be a simpler method that someone who’s regularly using the Windows beta could tell you, so keep that in mind (I’m a Mac user really, just messing around with the beta for procrastination purposes and such :wink: ).

When you say “some stuff,” are you talking about everything–documents, synopses, document and project notes, and meta-data (labels, status, etc.)? If you don’t need the meta-data this could be simplified somewhat by just importing the .rtf and .txt files that make up your writing within the .scriv folder or doing some copy/pasting, although if you have a lot of them that may get to be obnoxious. How much are you trying to transfer?

Hi, I’m talking about files and folders. The meta stuff I can redo. I created a character template for NaNo and I would like to use it for my new project as I am using NaNo as a starting point and reusing the same characters.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Found a workaround for this issue.

  1. Compile files as a text file including titles for files, folders, and folder groups for the stuff you want to transfer.
  2. Import this text file into the other project.
  3. Select the text you want to use as a new scrivling/section title.
  4. Use the Document > Split > Split with selection as title command.
  5. Keep going until you have all the sections you desire.

Hope this helps anyone else facing the same issue.

Oh, good, I’m glad you got it in with relatively little difficulty. Nice work around–probably better than importing all the .rtfs anyway–you could batch import, but you’d have to go through and re-title them, so this way is probably easier.

I was just afraid you meant you wanted all the other stuff, and that would’ve been trickier, since the meta-data is saved in the .xml file and would’ve needed some hacking. The notes and synopses are in their own .rtf and .txt files respectively, if you care, although you can also use the compile method to dump all of those into your project as a document. Actually, thinking on this, if you wanted to bring in your synopses and notes quickly, the best way might be to do as you described, compile the whole Draft with not only the titles and text but also with synopses and notes. You can import this and divide it up, and then you can go through and select the synopsis text and auto-generate a synopsis for each document with that selected text (then delete it from the body) and cut/paste the document notes. That will keep everything handily together while you’re going through and should make it easy to make sure you don’t accidentally miss a scene.

You could even compile the meta-data with it, and then you’d at least have it there for reference when you’re setting up in the new project. But it might be easier leaving both projects open at the same time and setting up the new one with visual reference that way.

Only thing to keep in mind here is that if you have things in the Research folder (or anywhere outside the Draft) that you want to bring in, you’ll need to move those up to the Draft so they can be compiled for this method. (And of course that only works on your text files, but anything else you can either reimport from the original source or grab out of your Nano project directly via projectname.scriv\Files\Docs.)

I tend to copy and paste the document notes and synopsis’ anyway as I find it the easiest way. One good thing about the compile & document split method is that allows you to maintain the file and folder structure as long as you remember to compile with titles.

I think I may post that work around on my blog for anyone that needs it.

Thanks for trying to help me figure things out. I am just glad there is just a thing as a Scrivener for Windows, even if it is only currently a beta!

Haha, yes! It’s truly exciting. At last Windows users can experience the joy that is Scrivener! :slight_smile:

And one day later down the road, transferring files between projects will be much simpler. :wink: (I was going to say, if you did need to retain everything, the easiest method was probably just to go find a friend with a Mac and have him do it…Heh.)