Transferring from Docs and it makes it all blue and underlined

When transferring my WIP, it came out blue and underlined, even when I selected black and not underlined. One of the YT videos could have helped, but the version was not the same, so I can’t find what they’re talking about, which was the “Preferences” section under “Scrivener” but I can’t find either.
Please help!!


Blue and underlined is usually a link.

You could try to select all text from a document (Ctrl-A – in the editor), then right click in the editor → Remove link.
(Of course, if you have real links in there that you wish preserved, be more selective than simply selecting all text.)

For the future, when pasting text from elsewhere, use Paste and Match Style. Ctrl-Shift-V
(That strips the text of all formatting. Pasting it as plain text.)

If you got this result by importing (and not pasting), then it means that something went wrong during the conversion.
I could suggest that you try to first export from your source to RTF (Scrivener internal format). But that might not be the best/fastest solution, though.


I also transfer from Google Docs and am having trouble with formatting - paragraph indents, etc. Will all that take care of itself in Compilation?

You can once you select a default formatting for scrivener under Project > Project settings, you can then select imported documents and use the command Documents > Convert> Text to default formatting. But as Vincent suggested use the Paste and match style when importing text into scrivener and that should take care of lot of this.


Thanks for speedy reply. If I select the default formatting, does that take care only of text I import after the process or text already in Scrivener?

The short answer is both.

It works this way in Scrivener.

First you need to set up your defaults as @GoalieDad has specified for a single project or under File > Options, etc. for all projects, including indentation.

Then you convert documents you select, be they those already created and those you import.

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One caveat. Paste and Match Style and Convert > Text to Default Formatting… both work to give your imported text the default style, but:

  • Paste and Match Style essentially pastes plain text, so it loses any italics or bold in the source text, but on the other hand should lose any gremlins (unwanted control characters which have bizarre effects; might be more important with Google Docs source);
  • Convert >Text to Default Formatting… preserves italics and bold and gives you a few options, but might not eliminate gremlins so well.

If you don’t have italics or bold in the source, use the former method; if you do, use the latter if you want to preserve them rather than redo them afterwards. Experiment with each to see what they do.


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I used this for a recent font and line spacing update.
Afterwards, I found I’d indented all my opening paragraphs in every scene.
Then I realised that I’d need to apply the font to the styles I use for backstory, red herring, foreshadowing (one-time change each style).
Finally, I had to deal with my styles for my levels of bullets and numbering and those I’ve setup in tables.
Writing can be such fun, sometimes.

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Absolutely. You need to select whichever method is going to cause you least post-correction. If there are any paragraph styles in the source, they will be lost.

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Maybe on Mac, but not on my Windows experience. Mine kept their old formatting - fonts, colour coding and all, which was helpful as they weren’t wiped. Good thing too, because they weren’t exactly top of mind, and if not for those with coloured text, I may not have noticed till weeks later.