Transferring license?

I’m thinking of buying Scrivener, but I’m likely to buy a new MacBook Pro in the next few months. Will it be easy to transfer my license to the new machine?

Actually, the license entitles you to run it on both, and more.
macOS license: … LA-Mac.pdf
General license page: … -agreement

If you are getting rid of the old Mac, then once you’ve transferred all of your projects to the new one, you can disable the license on the old Mac by using the Scrivener->Registration menu, and clicking “Deactivate”.

Thank you! I am actually going to keep the old computer, though I probably won’t be using it that much. So, having read the license agreement, my understanding is that I can install Scrivener on the new computer, while leaving it active on the old computer, and that my partner of 20 years who lives at the same address as me could also install it, using the same license. This is very cool!