Transferring Other Applications to Scrivener

How do I take my CopyWrite files and move them to Scrivener?

I don’t see a specific CopyWrite format listed on the Import page. Is there a painless way to do this, beyond the obvious, and tedious, cutting and pasting?

Q: Ahab

1. (Simple answer)
Save the CopyWrite text as an RTF file and import the RTF file into Scrivener.

This also applies to Ulysses, Avenir, Jer`s Novel Writer, WriteItNow, Writer’s Cafe, and so on, including any word processors you have been working in.

2. (More detailed answer):

The first step you’ll want to take is to export your CopyWrite project. I would recommend exporting “All documents in the project,” (obviously) and you will probably want to include document notes.

Next, choose “Each document to its own file.” Choose the location, click export, and you should have a folder full of RTF files.

Drag the folder that CopyWrite created into your Binder. Un-collapse it, and you’ll see all of your RTF files have been imported as separate documents into Scrivener.

3. (Now comes the hard part.)
You will have to transfer all of the annexed notes into Scrivener’s dedicated note field,

Update synopsis,

Match status between the programs (use the Project Settings in the View menu to customise these if you wish),

Sort the documents according to their categories (use labels for this, which can also be customised in Project Settings – but reserving labels for something else, and using Scrivener’s ability to organise documents in a hierarchy is also a good move).

Don’t forget your project notes from Copywrite – they do not get exported.

Then, if you wish, you can transfer Versions from CopyWrite into Scrivener’s Snapshots.

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Answers: (Lord Lightning, AmberV)

User Experience:


[i]I’ve imported my projects from Ulysses by just taking in the exported RTF files as suggested in the simple answer above. Works like a charm and you’re pretty much protected from file format changes.

Since you can import all the files in a batch, it was a two minute job.[/i]

Thanks, Lord Lightning!