Transferring Styles from Scrivener to Word Processor

Here’s a simple way to transfer Style Formatting from Scrivener to a Word Processor such as Nisus or Word.
Basically add tags to paragraphs you want marked with a particular style, such as Heading 1, Heading 2, Figure Caption etc. Scrivener doesn’t do real styles. These you can create and modify in the final Word Processing program. The Compile from Scrivener pressures the tags. Do a Global Search for a Tag (Find all) – then Apply the appropriate Style to all paragraphs with the relevant tag, then erase the tag in the word processor document by replacing all with a space.

I tried many other methods but was unable to program a word processor to recognize something from Scrivener automatically. I also used color (e.g. all Main Headings in red) and searched manually but this took over a day with a 600 page book. This takes a little bit of time (searching for each tag) but not that much and it works, and allows you to do anything you want with the Word Processor style commands.

Here is a PDF with complete instructions: … cesser.pdf

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for posting your workaround to exporting styles. Just to let you know, the next major upgrade of Scrivener will feature styles and will support including them in exports to word processors. But that upgrade is still many months away, so your workaround will be very useful to users in the meantime.

All the best,

Yes, many thanks. I’ve yet to try out the method, but it looks mighty helpful.