transition not formatting correctly screenplay mode

I haven’t used Scrivener for a screenplay before, but used a transition for the first time, haven’t made any changes to the template, and it’s formatting incorrectly (one letter per line down the right side of the doc).

The right indent is 6.12.


That is correct for the right indent; 6.12". What about the left and block indent, those should be at 4.5"? What does it show on the Ruler in the editor, and in the script settings’ paragraph tab for the Transition element?

The settings were all correct but I think I figured it out - it was simply that the window wasn’t wide enough. When I made the window wider, the text displayed correctly. I guess I’m used to a scroll bar at the bottom. Thanks for your help Amber.

Ah yes, and your editor text size is zoomed. I did actually try minimum width on my test file to see if that was the problem, but I overlooked that at 100% it doesn’t actually compress the page. When you use normal wrap to width mode, you shouldn’t ever see a horizontal scroll bar, it just wraps the characters to the size of the window—one of the advantages of that display mode. If you want a more pure line width representation, try Page View mode.

The mysteries are revealed! Now that I know it’s formatting properly, this is indeed a much better way to view it. I’m rarely using the full page width anyway. Thanks again.