Transparent GIFs fail export to mobi

I have been struggling to place some GIFs with transparent elements in my document and compile to mobi.
The transparent bits revert to background in the mobi as viewed in Kindle Previewer and Kindle PC, i.e. no transparent bits.
When I compile to epub (which I assume is an intermediate state before mobi conversion via Kindlegen), and examine the files using Sigil, the GIFs appear to have been converted to PNGs which I gather are unsupported in Kindle ebooks (at least with transparency).
Can I stop Scrivener converting the GIFs to PNGs?

has anyone experience of this issue?


There’s not a way in Scrivener to affect how the images are exported, but perhaps you could swap out the images for the GIFs in Sigil (you’ll need to fix the extension in any paths and ensure the filenames are the same) and then run that file through KindleGen and maintain the format? Opening the .epub file in Amazon’s Kindle Previewer will automatically create a .mobi copy via KindleGen if you want to avoid doing it through the command line.

Would it be worth me putting something on the Wish List, requesting an option to insert GIFs without converting them? Or is there something I dont know that would make this impossible?
Is the conversion a consequence of the option to resize?