Transparent Internal Error

When working with the Scratchpad, upon navigating away to another tab, I will receive a transparent (as in no text or code, a small border in which I can see my desktop through, with upon mouse over will display Internal Error) Internal Error. Scrivener will then completely lock up requiring a force quit and rebuild of the index. I have no code to report on this particular error as I can’t actually see the error, I can only see the border. Has anyone else had this issue?

Version of Scrivener? If you don’t have 3.2.3, please update.

Version of Mac OS?

I have the latest of both.

By “latest” Mac OS, do you mean that you installed Ventura?

Hahaha! I didn’t even realize that Ventura had been released. I still have Monterey.

Someone else reported what sounds like a similar issue, where a dialogue box ended up with no background and you could see through it to the background. Is that what you mean?

If so, they fixed it by going into System Preferences: Accessibility: Display, and toggling Reduced transparency off and back on again. It’s some kind of bug in macOS 12, apparently.

I don’t know if that will do anything about the hang, but at least the internal error dialogue should look normal.