Trash Crash

I found that when trying to empty trash, if I multi-select more than a certain amount of items Scrivener will crash every time.

If I select an item which has sub-items, it’s guaranteed. However, if I expand the main item, then multi-select the sub-items (without the main item selected), then I’m fine. Unless, of course, one of the sub-items is the header for more sub-items!

Once the sub-items are deleted, then the header item can be deleted without killing Scrivener. I’m not a coder, but this appears to me to be maybe a stack overflow error of some sort? The array created by the sub-items is overwhelming Scrivener’s capacity to keep track of things maybe.

I only found references to this sort of thing from way back in 2010-11:




As to questions from these threads about the items still being in the trash when I restarted Scrivener, I most often get a small window saying that some files were found and tacked onto the end of the Project as such (not exact wording, can’t remember). SOMETIMES Scrivener restarts with deleted files correctly deleted. I suspect it’s an issue where Scrivener is able to update it’s database before it actually crashes, whereas it crashes too quickly other times, causing the end-of-Project appendage.

My machine is an Acer Aspire E15, E5-575G-57D4.
i5-7200U CPU
16GB Ram
Windows 10, build 17763

Thanks for reading.

What version of Scrivener are you using? The latest public release (v. 1.9) or the beta?

Version: Beta (513567) 64-bit - 29 Mar 2019

Then this should have been posted in the Beta Testing forum—where I think a thread similar to this already exists, though I might be mis-remembering.



I found the other thread in the Beta forum and copy/pasted my original post inline there. If you are in a moderator position, I suppose this thread could be deleted.