Trello use in Scrivener 3 (WIN) [JavaScript]

Hey there community,

I got a question on you guys and maybe one of you can help me out with that issue.
I saw and know that its possible to use Trello in MAC Version of Scrivener 3 by drag and drop the URL into the program.
I tried the same with the Windows Beta Version but all the site tells me now is:

“To use Trello, please enable JavaScript.”

Does anyone of you know, if its even possible to enable JavaScript? Or is that already a bug I found there?

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Within Scrivener, I suspect not. Adding JavaScript runtime to Scrivener for Windows would be a nontrivial task, I think, so don’t expect it anytime soon.

If Scrivener opens a browser to use the site, however, you can enable Javascript in the Browser.

Well y’all are in for a treat. In my experience JavaScript runs splendidly in Scriv for Windows, though it’s unsupported and the internal browser does not implement a file download. The OP got a message to the contrary because dragging a URL to the binder creates a static MHT. Instead of dragging, try saving the code below as an HTML, then importing it into the Research section via File > Import > Files.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=">

Be sure to set Options > Behaviors > Navigation to “Allow limited navigation in web pages.” URL points to a publicly accessible Trello project; you can edit it to the project or other URL of your choice.

Alternative if you’d rather not meta-refresh is to drag the browser’s URL token into Bookmarks rather than the binder, and Open in Current Editor via the context menu.

Rgds - Jerome

I tried all of this now.
But nothing of this helped… I dont know where I put a mistake in that, but i followed your introductions as good as possible. Still… no changes at all - just an empty textfile and bookmarks with the URL that still says “To use Trello, enable JavaScript”.

But thanks anyway.


Jerome, when I try to import your html file after following your instructions (I believe I’m following them exactly), I get an error dialog that says:

 "Could Not Convert File 'P:/Trello.html'.
  Error: Converter Error."

and nothing gets imported.

Within Scriv, do I actually need to be in the Research folder? (I am in the Research folder (I have it highlighted in the binder as I try to import), I’m just curious if it is absolutely necessary); and does it have to be the top level of Research or can it be a sub-folder?

Outside of Scriv, on Windows, does it matter where the html file is stored? (I would think not.)

I appreciate any help you can give.

Hi Charlson. Not sure how you got the dialog, but I’ve attached the meta-refresh code above as a zipped HTML file. Just unzip it, then drag TrelloDemo.HTML into your Research area. Click OK on the message you may get about text files being converted to RTF. Again, be sure you’ve set Options > Behaviors > Navigation to “Allow limited navigation in web pages.” Click on the newly imported doc and you should see a Trello board via Scriv’s own implementation of JavaScript (in v Beta 64-bit). Let us know.

Cheers - Jerome (248 Bytes)

No dice. When I drag it I get the same dialog I was getting yesterday when I tried to do it using the file->import->files method.

OK, there may be an extra twist. Try these settings under Options > Sharing > Import:

Rgds - Jerome

Yep, that’s it. I had “Convert HTML files to text” checked.

I unchecked that, and now it has imported fine.

This is really cool to have access to Trello this way. I might actually start using it again.

Hi @JJSlote ,
I was looking for the same feature and this thread looked promising to me. However, it seems that the code example you’ve added is not there anymore. Would you be able to re-post this?

Many thanks in Advance!

Sure. Just so you know, L&L migrated this board’s content from phpBB earlier this year, but didn’t migrate the images, attachments and code samples that users had contributed over the previous ten. Bit of a poke in my view to the folks who made this forum what it was.

I’ve pretty much moved on to Obsidian with the Kanban plug-in. The index card metaphor was what attracted me to Scrivener in the first place, but when we add flexible card sizing, HTML, markdown reader view, CSS, scrolling lanes, dragging cards from lane to lane and board to board, the advantages of the Kanban model become clear, as you’ve found in group task management via Trello.

This is the meta-refresh code. Again, you’ll want to save this as an HTML file, replace my working sample Trello URL with the one you’ll be using, and drag the file into your project’s Research folder, making note of the Options settings discussed above. Then you should be able to get to your Trello board in a Scrivener window.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=">

All Best - Jerome

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That’s not entirely true. A good number of attachments and such carried over, but some did not, on account of how phpBB changed how it addressed them internally at some point in time, and the migration script only worked with the older method.

As I’ve noted before, if you have a post you’d like to have restored, just get in touch with me and I can restore the missing data. We have all of it backed up. I’ve already fixed your prior post.

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Thank you very much @JJSlote - it works :slight_smile:
Thx @AmberV as well, for restoring to other missing attachments/entries here!

Have a great weekend!

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