Trial Version not working

I am on a Windows 7 PC and just installed the trial version of Scrivener and was following the instructions to view the tutorial first but after opening it I cannot get anything to respond.

Thanks in advance,

The same thing happened to me. To be honest I can’t quite remember what happened but I got it working again with help from the forum. I think it was because I had started out by saving it onto my PC, then saving the files direct in DropBox (because I work between a PC and a laptop). This post covers how it got started again. Hope it helps.

Nothing like that in my case. After opening the tutorial I can’t get anything to respond. The menu items, etc all appear to be “active” but will not respond. The only thing I can do is to click the X in the upper right corner to close the program.

I was able to download it and get it to work on my laptop which is the same windows version and x64 operating system.

It would be nice to hear from the Scrivener support personnel with some suggestions on what else to try as I uninstalled it 3 times, rebooted my computer, re-downloaded the program, and installed it again to no avail.

Thanks for trying to help.

Are you using a tablet pointer or other sort of specialised pointer device? This sounds like it may be an incompatibility issue with the pointer, since if I understand correctly the program is loading correctly and you’re just not able then to click around in it. If you try using a standard mouse on that computer, does it resolve the problem<?