Trial version


I can only open scrivener from the document I made when I first tried it out, I can’t open it with the icon. Is this because it’s a trial version or is this how it works? Also I will most likely buy this software unless I cannot work out how to use it over the next few days…can I transfer any work I do now easily-being a technophobe!


Are you saying that you go to your applications folder and double-click the Scrivener Icon there, but nothing comes up, or are you getting the original document popping up that way? I ask because by default, Scrivener opens the previous project or projects that you were working on when you last quit the program. A detailed description of what you are clicking on, and where that is, along with what you experience after that will probably help get you a more useful answer.

Good luck! Scrivener is a great program, and I’m sure once you get this bit figured out, you’ll definitely want to keep it around.

I think you might be saying that you can open the program by double-clicking on the project file you made (I’m avoiding the term ‘document’ as that can refer to stuff inside the project too; a project is really a collection and organisation of documents), but if you try to double-click on the icon itself (or single click on the Dock) the program doesn’t run at all? Could you verify if that is actually the case. Mac programs can appear closed sometimes if no windows or open. They can be running even if nothing is on the screen—save for the menu bar. So next time, watch the menu bar up by the Apple logo in the left corner of the screen, and see if the word beside it changes to “Scrivener”. If it does—it’s running, you just don’t have any projects loaded. You can use the File menu to open projects or create new ones.

AmberV, yes you were right, in a all areas. Scrivener didn’t seem to open up via the icon, but it had at the top left corner. Duh! Slightly ashamed now! :blush: Thanks to all answers.

Glad it’s working. :slight_smile: To answer your last question, you won’t have to do anything to transfer your work when if you buy the program–when you buy, you get a serial name and number to just type into the registration box in Scrivener, so you don’t even have to reinstall the application. (And even when you do reinstall or upgrade, the projects themselves are untouched and open in the program as normal.)